Photoville panel on Saturday – Reading the Pictures’ “The Presidential Campaign Through New Eyes”

Photoville 2016 - "The Presidential Campaign Through New Eyes" - photo by Landon Nordeman
Photoville 2016 – “The Presidential Campaign Through New Eyes” – photo by Landon Nordeman

Tomorrow, September 24, 2016, I’ll be part of a panel discussion hosted by Reading the Pictures‘ Michael Shaw at Photoville called “The Presidential Campaign Through New Eyes.”

The panel will include Mark Abramson, Landon Nordeman, Lorie Novak, Hilary Swift, and me. I’ve worked alongside Mark, Landon, and Hilary, covered the 2012 campaign a little for Michael at Reading the Pictures (then called BagNewsNotes), and have admired Lorie’s work for a while, especially her Above the Fold project, so it’s very exciting for me to sit on this panel with them, taking a step back from our work and considering it in a broader context.

The talk starts at 6pm on 24 September 2016 at the Photoville Pavilion at 60 Water Street in Brooklyn. Here’s the announcement about the event on the Reading the Pictures website, as well.

Apologies for how badly neglected this site has been over the past few months, by the way. I’ve been on the road on assignments covering American politics and, recently, exhibiting some of this work around Europe, the US, and soon, Canada. I hope to most more here in coming weeks and months.

NW Photojournalism Seattle event: Matt Lutton and M. Scott Brauer present recent projects – 18 Oct. 2015

I’m excited to announce that Matt and I will be showing some of our recent work this Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015, in Seattle at Machine House Brewery as guests of the NW Photojournalism community. The event starts at 7pm and is at Machine House Brewery. The address is 5840 Airport Way S., Seattle, WA, 98108. Here is the facebook event page. We hope to see you there!

I’ll be showing work (above) from my project “This is the worst party I’ve ever been to” about the New Hampshire presidential primary races. I’ve been photographing the candidates and their campaigns since July with an eye toward getting behind the usual political coverage, peeling back some layers of artifice to subvert the images that the campaigns try to put forward. Some of my coverage of Donald Trump was recently published in Le Monde’s weekend magazine, M. Editors, please get in touch if you have any needs from the campaign trail, by the way. I’ll be covering events through the primary in February.

Matt will share from his project “This Time Tomorrow” (above) which documents the current, stagnated political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is traveling back to the Balkans next week to continue this project as Bosnia gets ready to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords which ended the war there.

Thanks to Matt Mills McKnight for setting up the event.

APhotoADay announces APAD Backyard Storytelling Grant


Melissa Lyttle‘s APhotoADay (APAD) has just announced the APAD Backyard Storytelling Grant. The grant will support one visual journalist (photo or video) producing a project within 350 miles of their home. The deadline for entries is Aug. 31, 2015, and the winners will be announced at this year’s GeekFest, APAD’s annual movable photo festival. Here is the entry information for the grant. Projects that have already received funding above $5,000 in the previous calendar year are not eligible.

You should think about going to GeekFest, by the way. I went last year in Philadelphia and had a blast. This year, it’s in Oakland, and a bunch of great speakers will be there, including a few of our friends: Pete Brook, Mark Murrmann, Matt Black, MaryAnne Golon, Darcy Padilla, Deanne Fitzmaurice, and Nadia Lee Cohen.

The news of this grant comes hot on the heels of APAD becoming a registered non-profit. If you don’t know about APAD, you’re missing out. I’ve been a member of the APhotoADay community almost since I started taking pictures and I’ve met many of my closest photographer friends through it. There’s the APAD listserv, where people can post a photo a day for critique, and there’s the annual GeekFest, and there’s APADTweets and APADgrams, and now there’s this grant. It’s an amazing and welcoming community of photographers dedicated to telling stories.

By the way, some of the funding from the grant came from a print auction last year, but you can still help support APAD through purchases made on AmazonSmile if you aren’t already clicking through our Amazon links to support dvafoto. Go to and in the box where you choose a charity to support, search for APhotoADay. Then go to every time you shop. Prices stay the same for you, but a portion of every sale will go to APAD to support initiatives like this grant.