Worth a watch: Missouri Photo Workshop’s “Shattering the Glass Ceiling”

The Missouri Photo Workshop has recently published a video featuring interviews with women in the photo industry talking about sexism they’ve encountered, obstacles they’ve overcome in their careers, and the value of women in photography. Called “Shattering the Glass Ceiling,” the video is a compilation of interviews with long-time National Geographic photographer Melissa Farlow, Assistant Managing Editor and Director of Photography at the Washington Post Mary Anne Golon, former Dallas Morning News photographer Mona Reeder, West Virginia University Shott Chair of Journalism and former Washington Post photographer Lois Raimondo, and freelance photographer Lynn Johnson. It’s well worth a watch.

On the subject, two of my previous posts are worth revisiting: in 2015, only 15% of news photographers were women, and a conversation in 2013 on sexism in editorial photography.

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