Weird contest: Flip Photobook Award

Flip Photobook Award
Flip Photobook Award

I’ve just added a few deadlines to our photo contest and call for entry calendar, but I wanted to draw your attention to one in particular, The Flip Photobook Award. I couldn’t help but laugh when I got an email about this new award from Sergey Novikov (previously on dvafoto). It seeks to recognize photobook presentation videos. Weird! But kind of funny and cool, too. The photobook flipthrough is an emerging genre of online photobook presentation, so why not recognize the good ones?

Entry is free, and videos from the winner and a number of finalists will be shown during screenings at the Moscow Photobook Festival in Spring 2017. That festival is new, and doesn’t have a website yet, but it will be held at the The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography. They’ll be announcing the festival soon on their website.

Sergey also forwarded along one of the creative entries he’s already received for the competition (embedded below) for Roc Herms’ Yo Yo Yo:

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