Worth a look: Raw View magazine

Raw View magazine
Raw View magazine

If you haven’t seen a copy of Raw View yet, you need to. It’s a beautifully printed magazine dedicated to photography. Each issue presents a wide range of work, diverse in both the type and subject matter of the photography and in terms of who is producing the work. Each issue is 160 pages, thicker and better printed than many photo books, and each contains nothing but photos and a few text pieces, either about the work shown or interviews with photographers. And starting with issue #5, I’ve got a regular column that focuses on photographers’ notebooks.

Here you can see a flip-through a recent issue (embedded below):

The magazine is put together by a stellar team of international photographers, editors, and writers; it’s an honor for me to be involved. The magazine might be a bit hard to find. It usually comes out 3 times a year, and the best way to make sure you have a copy is to subscribe. At €60, you get three issues for what you might pay for a single photo book.

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