Video: NYT Photo editors let you watch them edit their week in pictures

Earlier today, the New York Times Lens Photography facebook page had an hour-long live video of editors working to choose images for their Week In Pictures post this week. The video is embedded above or available on facebook. It’s a rare glimpse behind the curtain of what goes on when editors are in a room together deciding on an edit, and the video should be interesting to anyone involved in photojournalism. The editors looked through 186 images to decide on their final edit. Around 23:45, you can see them flip through a handful of images relating to presidential candidates Trump, Cruz, and Sanders. They discuss how the images work on their own, but also how they might “pace” in a slideshow.

The audio is a bit low throughout the video, so you’ll have to turn your sound up.

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  1. Hernan Zenteno

    What are they using as a photo browser to edit, I read Merlin but have no idea about this software. Very interesting, many thanks for share it

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