2016 Guggenheim photography fellows announced

The 2016 Guggenheim Fellowships were just announced and, as usual, the photography fellows are a fascinating and diverse bunch. There are some photographers I’ve admired for years, and others that are new to me. I haven’t seen links to their work collected anywhere, so I figured I’d do that here. I’ve also included links to their Guggenheim page, some of which include bios or information about the work awarded:

  • Dru DonovanGuggenheim page
  • Hasan ElahiGuggenheim page
  • McNair EvansGuggenheim page
  • Lyle Ashton HarrisGuggenheim page
  • Matthew JensenGuggenheim page
  • Alex MajoliGuggenheim page (check out his recent work on migration in China for MSNBC if you haven’t already.)
  • Eileen NeffGuggenheim page
  • Louie PaluGuggenheim page
  • Robin SchwartzGuggenheim page
  • Lida SuchyGuggenheim page
  • Yvonne Venegas (her personal website is currently broken, but here’s an interview with her from 2014)
  • Additionally, photographer and filmmaker Carlos Javier Ortiz (Guggenheim page) was awarded a fellowship for Film and Video.

    (via PDN Pulse)

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