2015 Photo of the year lists compiled by Monroe Gallery of Photography

Photo by M. Scott Brauer in Time's Top 100 Photos of 2015
Photo by M. Scott Brauer in Time’s Top 100 Photos of 2015

The Monroe Gallery of Photography has a pretty comprehensive and frequently-updated list of publications’ year-end “photos of the year” features. It’s a good one-stop-shop to see what the wires, newspapers, and magazines consider the best visual summaries of the year’s news. These can sometimes get repetitive, so best to just randomly click a few from the list one day, then go back and look at another set another day. It’s also fun to use these lists as a predictor of sorts for the upcoming contest season in early 2016. We’ll likely see many of these photos awarded in POYi, World Press, and BOP.

If you look closely, by the way, you’ll see two of my photos in Time’s Top 100 Photos of the Year. Two photos from my project, “This is the worst party I’ve ever been to,” are deep in the gallery at numbers 86 and 87.

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