Worth a look: Book trailer for Gus Powell’s “The Lonely Ones”

Book trailers are a trend that’s here to stay, but I haven’t seen many for photobooks. Ying Ang had a beautiful Lynchian trailer for her book Gold Coast. And Stanley Greene’s Black Passport had an incredibly intense trailer that’s well worth a watch. The trailer for Gus Powell‘s “The Lonely Ones,” embedded above, is something altogether different.

The trailer is playful, irreverent, and wistful. It uses the audio (and some visuals) from the well-known trailer for Jean-Luc Goddard’s film Contempt, though the translations in Powell’s don’t exactly match what is being said.

The book, by the way, looks great. Images are hidden behind fold-outs that have short phrases, a nod to William Steig‘s book “The Lonely Ones,” which matched his drawings with short sentences. You can order the book at J&L Books’s website and see some of the work at Powell’s website.

And on the the subject of book trailers, check out the trailer produced for Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice. The reclusive writer apparently narrated it himself, and it captures the feel of the book perfectly.

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