M. Scott Brauer: 2013 in pictures

Last year, I never got to publishing my 2012 year in pictures. Looking at the draft post that’s still waiting, I had a couple embargoed images that I’d hoped to include. I’m disappointed I never got around to it, because 2012 was the year of my return to Russia. You can see a few of the pieces from that trip on my website: Inside Russia’s Newsrooms, the Reinvention of Bashkortostan, Dinamo Gymnastics. That year, I also drove to the Everglades, covered the Republican Primary in New Hampshire, and went behind the scenes on Scott Brown’s unsuccessful Senate campaign. Here are my year-end-roundups from 2011, 2010, and 2009.

2013 was a busy year. I continued work with my usual clients in the US, primarily around New England for the Wall Street Journal, Chronicle of Higher Education, Education Week, and MIT, and I worked for the first time with some exciting publications: Wired, Polka, American Public Media, International Business Times, and others. My photos appeared in publications in about ten different countries (not including international distribution of publications) on four continents and was exhibited in Europe. And much of the assignment work focused on longer-term stories about deeper issues than the usual quick-hit portraiture that defines a lot of assignment work. I hope to continue that trend.

I traveled to Russia again to take part in the Bilateral Presidential Commission Mass Media Sub-Working Group meeting, traveled to Montana a couple of times (including for my younger sister’s wedding), and spent the holidays in England, all the while adding to little personal projects I’ve been photographing over the years.

The selection above might not be my best or most widely published images from the year, but they’re some of my favorites. Some have personal meaning, some represent a risk I took in my approach, and some feel like I’ve come close to hitting the mark. I’m never content with my work, but as with every year, I’m happy to see a little growth in what I’m doing.

I’ve also completely redone my website. It took a bit of effort (not least because I had to re-edit pictures to a larger size), but I’m glad with what I ended up with. I wanted a more visual design that focused on the pictures (there are a few new projects featured, as well), and also a design that would work well on most devices and browsers. It took a lot of work wrangling bootstrap and wordpress together to do it…

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