Nice to Meet You – new Japanese photography

A few weeks ago Ryo Futamura of Japan’s Einstein Studio wrote in about their latest publication, Nice to Meet You. The mission of the organization, through publications and contests such as this, as Futamura told me, is to find and show the world young and talented photographers in Japan.

Nice to Meet You is a small magazine highlighting winners of the Japan Photo Award (previously known as the Einstein Photo Award). As you can see above, the work selected is a bit of a grab bag, but much of it is intriguing. I’m particularly interested in the images because they look so much different from what I think of as “Japanese Photography” (which is mostly just Daido Moriyama‘s harrowing work). Futamura said that many of these photographers have had difficulty getting their work out to audiences outside of Japan, and even within the country, the market for this type of work is quite small.

While it will be hard to get a copy of Nice to Meet You unless you’re in Japan, you can see work from all of the artists on the publication’s site. Here are a few that grabbed my eye: Daisuke Matsumoto, Hideki Masuda, Junicci Hayakawa, Arata Kato, Yasuhito Hatajima, Yuya Kaai.

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  1. EINSTEIN MAGAZINE › NTMYが海外のWEBサイトに取り上げられました!

    […] 今年1月に「日本の若手写真家を世界へ」をコンセプトに世界のメディア・ギャラリーに向けてEINSTEIN STUDIOが発行した“NICE TO MEET YOU -The Emerging Japanese Photographers Guide-”がボストン発の人気写真ブログ dvafotoに掲載されました。 […]

  2. Junicci Hayakawa

    thanks for picking up!
    I think that I want you to see a lot of people, works of Japanese photographer that are not yet known.

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