An update from #OccupyBoston in photos – by M. Scott Brauer

A discarded pizza box has become a tool for democracy in Boston’s Dewey Square. Handwritten cardboard signs communicate protesters’ messages at OccupyBoston, a tent camp and demonstration in the Financial District of downtown Boston. The gathering is an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement started in late September. Protesters here shout, “We are the 99%” and “Wall Street was bailed out. We got sold out,” their chants echoing off the facade of the nearby Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and other major financial institutions. On Wednesday, the protesters received a big boost of support as they were joined by National Nurses United, the largest nurses’ labor union in the US, and Dr. Cornel West. This came after letters of support were issued for OccupyBoston by the AFL-CIO and other major labor and student organizations.

You can see more pictures from the demonstrations at my archive: OccupyBoston – demonstrations in Boston’s Financial District.

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