Shutterbugs, an internet sitcom about photographers

Shutterbugs - a web sitcom about photographers

Shutterbugs is a comedy web series about a group of obsessive photographers. It centres on analogue photographer Chloe and her socialite best friend Samantha. Together they get into trouble as they trespass, steal and bend the truth during their various photography exploits.” -from Shutterbugs’ about page

I’m not quite sure what to make of this–with some exceptions British TV comedy is usually too silly for my liking. But Shutterbugs could have some potential. There’s rich material in the lives of aspiring photographers of all stripes from the college photojournalist to the young wedding photographer to the trying-to-be-hip party photographer to the studio intern and so on, and hopefully this show will mine those depths. And there’s a dig at Cobrasnake (or Cobrasnake-alikes) in the promo.

You can view a teaser of the first season on the show’s website.

(via someone on Facebook, I think)

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