Alec and Carmen Soth at the Brighton Biennial

Alex Soth was commissioned to produce work for this fall’s Martin Parr-curated Brighton Photo Biennial but was denied permission to work in the UK by customs officials. The Guardian has the rest of the tale and Soth’s inventive way around the restrictions: curating a show of his seven-year-old daughter’s photographs of Brighton. Cool!

Father and daughter strolled around the town for a few hours each day. “For the first couple of days, I didn’t say much, I just watched her point at this and that,” says Soth. Carmen photographed rubbish on the beach, other pedestrians, postcards on racks and the ground, often with her own sparkly red shoes in shot. But after a while, she ran out of steam. So she and Soth decided on certain subjects to look for, among them pushchairs and balloons, and the project started to take shape.

“I liked photographing dogs best of all,” says Carmen. “I preferred garbage to people, but Dad said I should photograph them. Sometimes it was hard as they were walking quite fast.”

(c) Alec and Carmen Soth

2 Responses to “Alec and Carmen Soth at the Brighton Biennial”

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, I’m afraid this little embarrassment has undermined the whole BPB venture for many. We have a major funding crisis in the arts in the UK, the Arts Council is about to lose half its funding and Soth’s 7 year old shooting in the UK and Photoworks producing her work as a book, all funded by the UK taxpayer has not gone down well.

    Sorry for the Anonymity but the UK photo world is small.

  2. Leah

    You work in art/photography but you are scared to put a name to your opinions? That makes me sad. The tax payer is quite a different animal from people in the photography world and perhaps the taxpayer was quite happy to see work they could bring their kids to

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