M. Scott Brauer’s Year in Photos

Following Matt’s lead, I’ve collected a few of my favorite photos of mine from 2009. It was a relatively good year, with a few assignments, corporate shoots, other gigs, and an award and exhibition or two. Always room for improvement in that respect, and 2010 seems to be off in full swing. The work here is mostly from China, with a little bit from the northwestern United States thrown in. These aren’t necessarily the best photos I took, or representative of everything I photographed, but they’re favorites nonetheless for various reasons.

3 Responses to “M. Scott Brauer’s Year in Photos”

  1. Jeremy M. Lange

    There are many excellent photos in here, the doctor w/ syringe is perfectly serene and creepy at the same time, but I must say again…
    Go Spanky, go! That one still kills me everytime

  2. Kevin German

    Beautiful work as always bro. Keep rocking it up there!

  3. David Ryder

    Nice work, sir. Some intriguing images in there.

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