Joseph Rodriguez: Social Worker with a Camera

The New York Times Lens Blog posted a short video/slideshow/interview with the photographer Joseph Rodriguez a couple of days ago, and it is a must see. Scott and I worked with Rodriguez’s pictures as interns at Black Star and we were colleagues at the short-lived Anarchy Images agency, and seeing his archive and way of working up close left an impact on me. Rodriguez is a true in-the-trenches photographer, working hard on his own ideas and not seeking exposure for himself, just the people he photographs. He is not flashy, he is the opposite of who Christopher Anderson called out in his (controversial) recent remarks. This piece holds several revelations about who Rodriguez is and how and why he photographs.
The article mentions the final installment of a three-part book series, along with the tomes “East Side Stories” about gangs in East L.A. and “Juvenile” a profile about youth in prisons: “Reentry” (see ‘recent work’ on his website), is about the men and women returning to society after time in prison. Important work that no one is doing, or doing as well.

He is also photographing the current economic crises in the United States and I cannot wait to see more of it. He is a perfect photographer for this story.

2 Responses to “Joseph Rodriguez: Social Worker with a Camera”

  1. duckrabbit

    Agreed Matt. Rodriguez is running on a different fuel to most photographers. Somehow the arguments about the inadequacies of the medium get lost when you spend enough time looking at his work.

  2. Lucig Rodriguez

    Thank you for posting Joseph’s work. Knowing Joseph and his work for many years, he has been committed to an on going economic crisis that has been effecting many of us for decades.

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