Brauer’s in Boston

I just sent out my monthly newsletter (sign up here!) announcing that I’ve moved to Boston. It’s good to be back and working in the United States after my time in China. I’m available for assignments in Boston, Cambridge, greater New England, or anywhere else.

Being in this area gives me close access to major educational institutions, technological innovators (I’ve already met a few!), leaders in business and politics, great seafood, and giant St. Patrick’s Day parades. I’ve been contacting editors and art buyers about my new location and recent work (check some out on my website and archive), but am always interested to meet new people for collaboration. If you’re in Boston and want to meet up or if you’re an editor and need work from Boston, please get in touch by email (msb at mscottbrauer dot com) or phone (917-512-3473).

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I’m feeling great about the next few months! Lots of work to do and some exciting news from dvafoto will be forthcoming.

2 Responses to “Brauer’s in Boston”

  1. Stephen

    Congrats on the move, Scott.. Boston’s a great city. Will drop you a line next time I’m up there.

  2. Scenes from Southie’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade | dvafoto

    […] As I mentioned earlier, I’ve relocated to Boston. I was excited that I’d get to see South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, an event I’ve always heard about but never attended. In some sense, a parade’s a parade. For this one, 600,000 people gathered in South Boston to celebrate the area’s Irish heritage. It was organized by the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council and featured community groups, politicians, firefighters, military groups, and marching bands. […]

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