Worth a look: “Camera, Camera” by Malcolm Murray

CAMERA, CAMERA – Trailer from malcolm murray on Vimeo.

Malcolm Murray’s documentary, “Camera, Camera,” fascinates and disturbs me. The film explores the increasing phenomenon of travelers with cameras invading remote areas or cultural events. I’ve seen the situation hundreds of times, and been part of it more often than I’d like to say. Those times, the only thing to do is put down the camera and go drink a cup of tea.

This project also reminds me of Jörg Brüggemann’s “Same Same But Different,” which we wrote about previously.

The film is currently on the festival circuit, but hopefully it’ll be coming to a theater or dvd player near you soon.


(via NYT Lens blog a while back, but I’ve just gotten to watch it.)

One Response to “Worth a look: “Camera, Camera” by Malcolm Murray”

  1. tim F

    it seems most of it have been shot in Laos, or all of it… i have been living there for a year and keep going back there almost every year… cant help to see how damaging is the route of some backpackers to the local culture….. one city in particular, one village called vang vieng is now just a center of junkies dealer party people… local have changed from welcoming , smiling people with no particular needs to greedy people, even sometimes having themselves drug related problems… Last I came back to laos i was biking in the remote eastern part and on my last stop in vang vieng, i was really disgusted by the effect of not regulated backpacking tourism…

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